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November 1, 2011

Australia's 2010 Winter Olympian and 3 - time World Team Member, Cheltzie Lee puts competitive figure skating on hold to concentrate on her university studies.

After training non - stop for the last four years, Lee decided to take this season off from competition to focus on her first year of university and in her own words, "to live a little". Last week Lee finished her first year of university with high distinctions, grades she is ecstatic about.

Early last season and in 2008 when she was injured, her recovery programs were more intense than actual on-ice training. Now pain free, Cheltzie continues to train on and of the ice at home in Sydney, and has just finished off two weeks working with the 1980 Men's Olympic Champion, Robin Cousins.

Cheltzie is also excited about starting next season refreshed, healthy and much improved.

October, 2011

The Manleywoman Skatecast: Support the SkateCast

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September 1, 2011

ABC Local Conversations with Richard Fidler: Robert and Kim Innes

July 6, 2011

HSC and uni before fame and fortune
Otego Daily Times New Zealand Ice Skating Stories

June, 2011

Latest news from International Ice Skating magazine

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March 21, 2011

Media updates about the World Championships crisis

With Japan out, skating worlds to get new site
Russia to bid to host 2011 Figure Skating World Championship
Canada would take worlds, but not here
ISU Seeks to Relocate Worlds, World Team Trophy Postponed

March 20, 2011

Media updates about the World Championships crisis

Russian skate boss: we need 1 1/2 months to prepare for worlds
PJ Kwong's take on, "Couldn't have said it better myself"
Duhamel waits for word on worlds
Yuka Sato's plans on hold while Japan recovers

March 17, 2011

Media updates about the World Championships crisis

ISU World Figure Skating Championships and ISU World Team Trophy 2011
Thoughts on the Japanese tragedy and the World Figure Skating Championships
U.S. figure skating champ Czisny: moving worlds best choice for skaters
Japan figure skating worlds should be moved
Still no decision on 2011 World Championships

March 16, 2011

Media updates about the World Championships crisis

Canada unlikely to land postponed world championships
Skate officials finally say no to figure skating worlds in Tokyo


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