Figure Skating duo have high hopes for Tallinn
November 22, 2017

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Dynamic figure skating duo Harley Windsor and Ekaterina (‘Katia’) Alexandrovskaya have their eyes set on gold as they head into this week’s International Skating Union Challenger in Tallinn, Estonia.

The pair – who have both been selected to represent Australia at PyeongChang 2018 in February – have been training hard for Tallinn but they’re keeping things simple and sticking to what they know, according to Windsor.

“Our preparation for Tallinn is just like every other competition, we haven’t changed much in terms of training,” he said.

“Going into this comp we are feeling good, training is going good so we expect to get a medal and [we’re] hoping for gold.

The pair’s selection to represent Australia at the Winter Games has been a massive motivation to continue to strive towards greatness.

Windsor said that the news “was a massive step” this season and that both he and Alexandrovskaya “hope to use this comp and more mental preparation leading into February and also our Grand Prix final”.

“Being selected for the Olympic team, I think, has helped us a lot,” Alexandrovskaya added.

“We know what we are capable of [and] we think we can always get better and improve.”

Galina Pachin, who coaches the pair with her husband Andrei, said that the duo’s selection for the Winter Games was “their dream come true” and that it would drive them to “skate their best at upcoming competitions to get better rankings before the Olympics”.

“Being selected for the Olympic team has an effect of greater responsibility for what they do on ice every day,” she said.

“Preparation for the Tallinn Trophy was good. Harley and Katia practiced in Sydney for four weeks and almost all their programs run through were of good quality.”

Earlier this year, Windsor and Alexandrovskaya made history as the first Australian figure skaters to win the Junior World Paris Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki.

The duo – who have been skating together for just under a year – won a bronze medal at the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany this September after stunning the world in the performance of a lifetime.

The Tallinn Trophy will take place from 23 – 24 November.


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