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2018/19 Australian National Championships
Friday December 7

Today was the final day of competition in all senior categories and advanced novice ladies.

All three teams in dance skated with elegance and flair.

Though India Nette and Eron Westwood (SA) are a relatively new partnership, they show great promise. Runners-up, Matilda Friend & William Badaoui NSW), performed a routine packed with speed and strength, as did the defending champions, Chantelle Kerry & Andrew Dodds (QLD).

As expected, the ladies’ event was a showdown between Brooklee Han (QLD), and Kailani Craine (NSW). Thanks to years of international experience, two jump errors did not break the mood of Han’s performance. The skater is known particularly for her fast and centred spins, which she showed to great effect. Craine continues to go from strength to strength. Her pleasing routine highlights an expert level of confidence and performance. Fresh from a silver medal in the junior ladies’ event, Lucy Sori Yun (QLD) won bronze in the senior division with another solid routine.

In the men’s final, Brendan Kerry (NSW) used the substantial cushion he created after the short program, skating a free skate jam-packed with difficulty. Andrew Dodds (QLD) moved from third to second with elegance and flair. Pocket rocket, James Min (SA) continues to skate with newfound confidence. Jordan Dodds (QLD) also handed in an excellent skate, as did the junior men’s champion, Darian Kaptich (QLD).

Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya & Harley Windsor (NSW) won their second national pairs’ title. It has been a year of adjustment, moving to a new training base in Montreal, as well as working with a new coaching team. Jump and throw elements are still an issue, but overall, the team looks stronger and more cohesive than ever. Australia is fortunate to have such a high quality pairing.

In the novice ladies’ free skate, the top three spots after the short program stayed the same. Vlada Vasiliev (NSW), Victoria Alcantara (VIC), and Amelie Tabor (NSW) placed first, second, and third, in that order.

aussieSKATES watched our first National Championships at the Macquarie Centre thirty years ago. Back then, some of the stars we saw live and in person included Cameron Medhurst, Brian Duckworth, Heidi Beyer, Andrea Elsworth (Mahl), Monica MacDonald, and George Galanis. It was terrific to see them in Sydney again, paying their considerable competitive and coaching knowledge forward, too.

2018/19 Australian National Championships
Thursday December 6

Kicking off Day Six, the Advanced Novice Men skated their free programs.

New Zealand’s Douglas Gerber was the class of the field, including two double axel and triple loop attempts. His spirited routine set to Footloose, detailed the music’s high energy and enthusiasm.

Three skaters from Queensland, Lachlan Lewer - Parr, Chris Kiel - Chisholm, and Dylan Chartres, rounded out the men’s podium.

Senior competition began today with the ladies’ and men’s short programs, the pairs’ short program, and the rhythm dance.

Team Australia’s 2018 World Championship and Olympic Winter Games representatives all put on a brilliant show in their respective categories.

Moving to Montreal from Moscow to train with Richard Gauthier, Bruno and Julie Marcotte, Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya & Harley Windsor (NSW) demonstrated improved connection and artistry. Even a slight error on the throw triple flip did little to detract from their overall performance.

The four - time senior ladies’ national champion, Kailani Craine (NSW), handed in a world class routine of her own. Her short program included the rare triple loop - triple loop, brilliantly executed. Other elements were a confident triple lutz, an easy double Axel, fast and complex spins, and an emotive choreographic step sequence.

Craine was the clear winner, leading by more than ten points over her closest rival, Brooklee Han (QLD).

Chantelle Kerry & Andrew Dodds (QLD) are going from strength to strength in their partnership. They won the rhythm dance with passion and flair. Close behind in second place, Matilda Friend & William Badaoui (NSW), included similar chemistry and innovation in their complex routine. One rotating lift in particular, featured Friend’s legs wrapped around Badaoui’s shoulders and neck.

Brendan Kerry (NSW) also had a coaching change this season. His powerful and expressive short program included a solo quadruple toe loop, a quadruple salchow - triple toe loop, and a triple axel out of nowhere.

In second place, James Min (SA) created a moment of his own. After struggling with the short program this season, his outstanding effort here was a personal victory. He included a triple axel, a triple lutz - triple toe loop, and a triple flip, to claim second place.

Third and fourth featured Queensland siblings, Andrew Dodds and Jordan Dodds. Known for their balletic presentation, each brother performed with artistry and grace.

Rounding out the day, twenty-three ladies skated in the Advanced Novice short program. If this event is any indication, Australia’s competitive future is in very good health. Many of the top skaters included the optional solo double axel, with Vlada Vasiliev (NSW) and Victoria Alcantara (VIC) claiming the first and second place.

The championships conclude today with free skating portions in senior pairs, senior men’s and senior ladies’ singles, and the senior free dance, along with the advanced novice ladies’ free skating final.

2018/19 Australian National Championships
Wednesday December 5

Events contested today were the Advanced Novice Men’s Short Program, the Junior Ladies’ Free Skate, the Junior Men’s Free Skate, the Advanced Novice Free Dance, and the Junior Free Dance.

In the Advanced Novice Men’s Short, strong performances were handed in from Douglas Gerber (NZL), Lachlan Lewer - Parr (QLD), Chris Kiel - Chisholm (QLD), and William Palmer (NSW).

Gerber in particular, maximised his technical element score by including the optional double axel, as well as Rippon arm variations on both parts of his double jump combination, and the solo double jump, too. Like Gerber, Lewer - Parr and Kiel - Chisholm skated with confidence and ease.

Competition concludes today with the free skating event.

Twenty - three athletes skated in the Junior Ladies’ Free Skate. Notable performances in the early groups included Victoriai’s Cailin O’Keefe, and Romy Grogan from New South Wales.

In Group Four, Corina Ormston (QLD), Madalyn Cherry (NSW), and Shania Time (ACT) each skated ambitious and entertaining routines. Meanwhile, Danielle Gerber (NZL) performed a lively skate, enough to hold on to a medal.

Queensland’s Lucy Sori Yun moved up from fifth place after the short program to silver. Skating with focus and attack, she included two double axels and a triple salchow.

Last to skate, Amelia Scarlett Jackson, also from Queensland, showed what comes from several years of international experience. Skating a mature and nuanced routine, two blemishes did not deter from the overall presentation. Holding onto first place, Jackson successfully defended her title.

Late into the evening, five junior men fought hard for the medals. Andy Yao from South Australia is doing double duty in both the Junior and Advanced Novice categories. Meanwhile, Callum Bradshaw brought maturity and flair to his routine. Alex Sun (NSW) threw in some big tricks to earn the bronze medal while his team mate, Sam Gillard, skated with calm elegance. Gillard attacked everything and moved up to second place.

Like Jackson in the Junior Ladies’ event, Darian Kaptich showed what comes from overseas competition. His showy routine to the music of Michael Jackson, showed what an entertainer he is. Though he pared back some of the bigger elements, Kaptich has developed a very pleasing style of his own.

2018/19 Australian National Championships
Tuesday December 4

ACT's brother and sister combination, Alexandra & Christopher Flaudun - Dorling, looked very happy with their execution of the Argentine tango pattern dances.

Matilda Friend & William Badaoui from NSW are doing double duty this week in both the junior and senior events. They are currently leading after the Rhythm Dance over Jessica Palfryman & Nicholas McCreary (QLD), with Brittney Ross & Jake Mayer (NSW) in third.

Competition continues later today with the Advanced Men's Short Program, the Junior Ladies' and Junior Men's Free Skating Finals, and the Advanced Novice and Junior Free Dance Finals after that.

In the Junior Ladies' Short Program, ACT's Shania Sime from Group Three is a dead ringer for the Russian pair skater, Evgenia Tarasova. She handed in an excellent performance, as did Victoria's Cailin O'Keefe and South Australia's Arielle Jennings.

Group Four highlights included a terrific skate from Madalyn Cherry (NSW), using a female pop ballad to great effect. Queensland's Lucy Sori Yun struggled a little on the jump elements. But her strong program components will keep her in the top group for tomorrow's free skating final.

Last to skate, Danielle Gebser from New Zealand skated a sharp and lively routine to Mary Poppins. She brought down the house and finished in second place.

We are looking forward to an exciting conclusion to the competition.

In Group One, Queensland's Amelia Scarlett Jackson skated a confident, commanding and regal routine to Masquerade Waltz. Meanwhile, Corina Ormston (QLD) performed a sharp Agentine inspired tango.

Other performances of note were handed in by Romy Grogan and Sarah Batey, both from New South Wales.

The true grit award of the championship so far goes to New Zealand's Nerin Cornwall.

Following an awkward landing on the second part of her two - jump combination, she fought through obvious pain, but finished the routine.

This afternoon we caught the junior ladies' short program practice.

In Group Four we saw excellent double axels from Danielle Gebser (NZL), Madalyn Cherry (NSW), Jorja Petfield (NSW). and Lucy Sori Yun (QLD).

Highlights from Groups One - Three included Amelia Scarlett Jackson (QLD) landing an excellent double axel, and a solid triple salchow / double toe loop. Victoria’s Cailin O’Keefe and Arielle Jennings (SA) both nailing the double axel as well.

This morning we caught the junior men’s short program practice.

Skaters competing in this event include Callum Bradshaw (ACT), Sam Gillard (NSW), Alex Sun (NSW), Andy Yao (SA), and Darian Kaptich (QLD).

Bradshaw blocked his routine, then worked mostly on the jump combination (triple salchow/double toe loop). Gillard skated close to a full run - through. Sun, Yao, and Kaptich did sections of their routines, but spent the session working on individual elements.

December 1 - 7

2018/19 Australian National Championships

The 2018/19 Australian National Figure Skating Championships will be held at the Macquarie Centre Ice Rink in Sydney from December 1 - 7, 2018.

More than 500 skaters, couples and teams will be striving for personal best results, podium placements, and international assignments.

Competition will be judged in singles, pairs, dance, and synchronised skating across primary, intermediate, novice, junior, senior and adult masters divisions.

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Date Event Starting Time Scheduled Event
Saturday December 1 13:30 Adult Synchronised Free Skate
  14:35 Advanced Adult Synchronised Free Skate
  15:14 Junior Synchronised Short Program
  15:45 Basic Novice Synchronised Free Skate
  17:58 Senior Synchronised Short Program
Sunday December 2 12:00 Mixed Age Synchronised Free Skating
  14:00 Junior Synchronised Free Skating
  14:47 Advanced Novice Synchronised Free Skating
  15:42 Senior Synchronised Free Skating
Monday December 3 12:45 Basic Novice Ladies' Free Skating
  16:25 Basic Novice Pairs' Free Skating
  16:35 Basic Novice Men's Free Skating
  17:15 Intermediate Novice Men's Free Skating
    Intermediate Men's Free Skating
  18:35 Intermediate Novice Ladies' Free Skating
Tuesday December 4 11:50 Intermediate Ladies' Free Skating
  14:45 Junior Men's Short Program
  15:50 Junior Ladies' Short Program
  18:50 Advanced Novice Pattern Dance
  19:10 Junior Rhythm Dance
Wednesday December 5 11:15 Adult Silver Ladies Free Skating
  13:35 Adult Gold Ladies' Free Skating
  15:15 Adult Silver Men's Free Skating
    Adult Masters Ladies' Free Skating
    Adult Masters Men's Free Skating
  16:05 Adult Elite Masters Ladies' Free Skating
    Adult Elite Masters Men's Free Skating
  !6:45 Advanced Novice Men's Short Program
  18:00 Junior Ladies' Free Skating
  21:25 Junior Men's Free Skating
  22:05 Advanced Novice Free Dance
    Junior Free Dance
Thursday December 6 12:15 Advanced Novice Men's Free Skating
  13:15 Senior Rhythm Dance
  14:00 Senior Pairs' Short Program
  14:30 Senior Ladies' Short Program
  16:00 Senior Men's Short Program
  17:15 Advanced Novice Ladies' Short Program
Friday December 7 11:45 Senior Free Dance
  12:20 Senior Ladies' Free Skating
  14:15 Senior Men's Free Skating
  13:45 Senior Pairs' Free Skating
  16:00 Advanced Novice Ladies' Free Skating

Event Calendar
2018/19 National Championships
Sydney, Australia
December 1 - 7, 2018
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