Kerry finishes in top 15 at Four Continents
January 27, 2018

Article from Reported by David Barden.

In his last event before PyeongChang, Sochi Olympian Brendan Kerry has finished 13th at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Taipei, Taiwan.
Performing his free program, the 23-year-old opened with a flawless quad toe but incurred a landing deduction in his second quad.
Multiple landing errors on easier triples proved costly for Kerry who said that he was “pretty disappointed” with his performance.
“I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I’ve even done one in practice that bad to be honest,” he said.
“But I’d rather do it now and know exactly what I have to improve on before the Olympics.”
China’s Boyang Jin won gold with 300.95 points while Japan’s Shoma Uno finished second with a total of 297.94.
Meanwhile America’s Jason Brown, who finished fourth in the short program, took bronze with a score of 269.22.
Andrew Dodds, who also competed in the ice dance with partner Chantelle Kerry, finished the day in 21st place with 177.81 points and though exhausted said that he was happy with the results.
It’s a long week, no one has ever done this before at a championship event doing two disciplines so it’s a challenge,” he said.
“Yes there were things that I missed out on and I can do a lot better but even that was a season’s best so it’s just building and I’m happy that I’ve got a season’s best at every time I’ve been out this week so that’s all I can ask for.”


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