To Oberstdorf with a bang!
10 October 2013
  Brooklee Han takes on Junior Grand Prix
4 October 2013
  Redding's Brooklee Han Skates Closer To Olympic Dream
29 September 2013
  Australia's new skating darling
29 September 2013
  Brooklee Han secures Olympic quota place
28 September 2013
  Han secures skate spot for Australia
28 September 2013
  Han eighth in Mexico
9 September 2013
  Graduation, holidays and next stop - Australia!
15 August 2013
  Redding's Brooklee Han Skates Into Finals In Debut At Worlds
March, 2013
  Redding's Brooklee Han Aims to Skate In Sochi Olympics
February, 2013
  Catching Up With Brooklee Han
December, 2011
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